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DoubleBeads DIY jewelry kits can be ordered easily and safely online at BeadYourFashion (www.beadyourfashion.com), our authorized retailer.

The materials of a DoubleBeads jewelry kit are packed in a plastic box. This plastic box is decorated with a stylish cardboard wrapper. A DoubleBeads jewelry kit therefore makes a great gift as well! All DoubleBeads jewelry kits include clear instructions. With the aid of these instructions, you will easily create beautiful jewelry. You can also find many instructional videos and photos with instructions of various jewelry making techniques at BeadYourFashion.

Our jewelry kits come with all necessary materials for making the DoubleBeads jewelry, except for beading tools. Specific beading tools, such as glue, pliers and bead bords, can be ordered at BeadYourFashion. Additional materials for making your DoubleBeads jewelry shine even more, such as extra SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and metal charm mixes, can also be ordered at BeadYourFashion.

Please be aware that the DoubleBeads DIY jewelry kits have a special seal. Once this seal is broken, a DIY kit cannot be returned.

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